Outboard Flush Bags

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Flush bags are made from a very high-quality PVC silicone fabric that has very long life and resistant to harsh chemicals and fuel oils making it an ideal material to use for outboard flush bags.

*Has many uses as the material is non-toxic and can be used for rain-water or live bait tanks as one picture gives you an idea.

*All joints are electro-welded and the support rings are s.s.

*Hose connector supplied.

*Please note batch colours vary - Currently in black*

Available in 2 sizes to suits 2 categories of horse power
Outboard Flush Bag Medium
Measurements: 45cm W, 60cm H
Suits: 30-60hp Motors.

Outboard Flush Bag Large.
Measurements: 70cm W, 70cm H
Suits: 70-250hp Motors.