DC 12V - 36V Lithium Charger

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Introducing our innovative Lithium Battery Chargers – a must-have accessory for every boating enthusiast and outdoor adventurer. These versatile chargers are designed to keep your lithium boat batteries powered up efficiently, ensuring you never run out of juice when you need it most.

Whether you're out on the water, enjoying a camping trip, engaging in outdoor sports, tackling rugged 4x4 off-roading adventures, or working on home projects, our Lithium Battery Chargers have got you covered. They are not limited to boating but can be a reliable companion for various activities.

Key Features:
- Compatibility: Our chargers are designed to work seamlessly with conventional lead-acid batteries, effortlessly converting 12 volts into lithium-compatible 12-24-36 volts.
- Dual Charging: With the ability to charge your lithium 12-volt battery while running your engine via 12-volt house batteries (lead-acid or AGM), you can keep your boat's bow mount electric system operational at all times.
- Versatile Applications: These chargers are not just for boating; they are perfect for a wide range of applications, ensuring your lithium batteries stay charged from wet cell sources.
- On-the-Fly Charging: Experience the convenience of charging on the go while your engine is running, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Choose from Three Models:
1. DC 12V - 24V Lithium Chargers for Bow Mount Electric: Ideal for bow-mounted electric motors, these chargers offer reliable and efficient charging capabilities for your lithium batteries, keeping you powered up during your boating adventures.

2. 12V - 36V Lithium Chargers: Designed to handle a wide range of lithium battery voltages, these chargers are perfect for various applications, ensuring your lithium batteries are always ready for action.

3. 12V - 12V Lithium Chargers (Connects to House Battery via Switch): Offering a convenient way to charge your lithium batteries, these chargers connect to your house battery via a switch, giving you control over your power supply.

Don't let a drained battery dampen your outdoor experiences. Keep your lithium batteries charged and ready for action with the reliability and versatility of our chargers.