Daiwa Tanacom Electric Reel Waterproof Lithium Battery Pack

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This pack is in 66 rated waterproof And very latest model. 1/4 the weigh5 we used to import n sell some years back

We were selling then some big 10,000 ma units. Used to power kontikis in n.z for snapper fishing of the beach with my kiwi mates and they were 4 times the size but used in a cammo bag on your waist belt also for electric fishing without bieng tethered . Over 100 units sold

The item advertised and available are light weight and very very latest technology and will drive a beastmaster or tanacon or Miya ad3 all day .

You can view the battery charge percentage by pressing a small red button

Can be used for many other uses if using other cone terms supplied in the pic xt60. Gold plated tipped 30 amp rating. Male n female

You will see a few At the good tackle world stores however all stock is a5 the. Rockstar tackle store with Dave Granville and Andy Orr at the helm

Thiers no doubt these are ideal as backup batteries “ long range “ for Daiwa shimano. Drones and many more .

Weight is ultra light

Wholesalers welcome. Min qty buy 10 pcs