Strip Teaser In Line Weight 50 Cm 1.25 Kg With 400 Lb Mono Tow Line

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Strip teaser stainless steel bar, 1 inch rod 500 mm long weight and 30 m of 400 lb mono with crimps. 

Please see the many types of dredge strip teasers we sell in our store from 12-24-36 inch. 

We Use Quality rolling swivels. For quick release and is hydrodynamic making pulling the teaser dredge in.

At 7 knots placed in front of  the dredge the  teaser will tow approx. 1 meter below the surface ,

If you attach the  weight 3 m forward of the teaser the tow point goes deeper to 2 m deep at 7 knots.

Obviously you can add Yozuri skirts squids or more into the construction.