Diesel Fuel Ultraviolet LED Irradiation

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Power requirement is 12-24 volt. Cable length is 4 m. Band 10 Nm wide.

One of Japan's best kept secrets in industry agriculture and marine fuel storage tanks is the use of high power ultraviolet light irradiation in a narrow specific wavelength

Used widely /normally in medical science new technology LED advancements offer new cost effective prevention of bacteria and virus forming in water tanks and diesel fuel from water contamination mainly caused by thermal condensation.

Untreated bacterial colony's form and thrive in the fuel / water mix eventually dying and causing filter blockages and worst still decay and sludge build up. Sludge is a serous problem for diesel injection pumps and injectors.

Led in tank bacterial prevention is the most cost effective and simple technique. To prevent bug contamination and is also called fuel drying in Japanese.

Warning ---human exposure to high power ultraviolet light is dangerous and utmost care is needed to prevent exposure.